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ABL-1A01-T, Single Port Active Video Balun

Quick Overview

Pair this active video balun transmitter with an active video balun receiver and run video over CAT5 cable up to 8,000ft color. This active balun also contains an adjustable gain control used to balance the gain for your cable distance. To run power over long CAT5 cable distances check out our AC to DC power converter. 12vDC power required to power the balun.

Item #: ABL-1A01-T

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Model #:ABL-1A01-T
List Price: $44.00
Our Price: $27.00

Sale Price: $12.99

The Active Vision ABL-1A01-T is a Single Channel Active analog video balun Transmitter with the ability to terminate via screw down terminals. Paired with a passive or active video balun, Analog video can take advantage of the time and cost savings of using CAT5e for CCTV. Through years of research and customer feedback, Active Vision has altered their video balun design to include additional interference and noise filtering components, as well as using higher quality PCB boards and components. Active Vision video baluns have been proven to consistently outperform competing video baluns. This allows you to finish your installations without having to install additional noise filtering devices for most applications.


  • Built-in Transient Suppression Protection
  • Transmits analog video up 3000Ft (Passive to Active), 8000ft (Active to Active)
  • Powered for Noise Resistance
  • Eliminate coaxial cable.
  • Terminal Block to 1x BNC.

Installation Instructions:

Connect the white striped wire of a pair from the CAT-5 unshielded twisted pair cable to the + terminal of the green socket and connect the solid color wire to the - terminal. Connect the BNC interface of the video balun receiver to your monitor or recording equipment. If there is a splice in the circuit, please use a splice block or termination strip to ensure perfect contact at the splice.

Application Diagram

Adjusting method:

Adjust the BRIGHTNESS knob to adjust the image brightness, then adjust the SHARPNESS switches to adjust the image sharpness and color. Adjust the switches according to the transmission distance. Use the diagram below for your reference.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why does my video look like a scrambled TV signal?

- This typically indicates reversed polarity.

2) Can shielded twisted pair be used?

- Shielded wire can be used up to a few hundred feet. However, we do not recommend it. Its high-frequency roll-off will severely degrade the transmission distance and performance.

3) Can Category 6 wire be used?

- Yes. Unshielded Twisted Pair wire, Category 5 or better, can be used with UTP video transceivers.

4) Can I transmit more than one video signal in a multi-pair wire bundle?

- Yes. One of the benefits of using Active Vision video transceivers is the interference rejection. UTP video signals can reside in the same wire bundle as multiple video signals, ringing telephones, Ethernet, low voltage power, RS-422, RS-485, etc.

Video Baluns are ideal for use in closed circuit TV (CCTV) installations because they allow the transmission of video using ordinary unshielded twisted pair (UTP) wire instead of coaxial cable. Cat5 / UTP cables have become increasingly popular in CCTV security installations because they are smaller in size than coaxial cables. This makes it easier to route and run wires, as well as allowing more wires to be run in the same location compared to coaxial cable. Not only is UTP cable less expensive than coaxial cable, with video baluns the cable runs are easier to terminate which reduces total installation time. In addition, the long distance video transmission capabilities and noise filtering abilities of Active Vision video baluns makes them perfect for use in nearly any building or across entire complexes.


Weight 0.1000
Cable Type CAT5e/6 UTP
Wire Connections Screw Terminals
Frequency Response DC to 48MHz, 0.6dB Typical
CMRR 60dB - Crosstalk and Noise Immunity
Impedance BNC Coax: 75Ohm; CAT5 Terminal: 100Ohm
Power Required Yes
Transmission Distance Up to 3000ft. (Passive to Active), Up to 9000ft. (Active to Active)

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